2008-09-18 12:47:00

UFO-people visit funerals of the Zaporozhye Archbishop’s sister - ufologist

Kiev, September 18, Interfax – Strange object appeared above the church where a burial service for the sister of Archbishop Vasily of Zaporozhye and Melitopol Nina Zlotolinskaya was conducted.

“When I took photos (at the burial service – IF) there was nothing above the church, that’s for sure. I took photos from various angles, I turned around, but the UFO is at the same place in all pictures. It proves this object neither a bird nor a plane,” the Ukrainian Komsomolskaya Pravda has cited local ufologist Vladislav Kanjuka as saying on Thursday.

The archbishop believes “it was not an UFO, but the Lord gave us His sign.”

“The Church states UFO, aliens and extraterrestrials don’t exist. However, no one negates anomalies happened at the divine services. Some people see strange things above cupolas, we believe it’s God’s blessing, a miracle,” press-secretary of the Zaporozhye Diocese Archpriest Dimitry Shuliaka said.

According to him, when he looked at the pictures taken in Jerusalem during the transfer of the Holy Fire, he saw “miraculous rays of light, though no one noticed them before.”