2008-09-22 17:26:00

Orthodox believers found heaven guardians for Russian secret service

Moscow, September 22, Interfax - The Union of Orthodox Citizens strongly opposed the idea of reversion of Dzerzhinsky monument to Lubyanka and proposed to declare St. Alexander Nevsky and archbishop John (Maximovich) heaven guardians for Russian secret service.

"Dzerzhinsky is the demoniac enemy of Russian Orthodox Church whose hands are steeped in blood of the New Martyrs and Confessors of Russia. Moreover, the rehabilitation of Dzerzhinsky is contrary to the authorities' course for revival of great Russia", reads the Moscow department of the Unions' statement provided Monday to Interfax-Religion.

Earlier Vladimir Kolesnikov, the member of State Duma safety committee ("Unired Russia" faction), former Solicitor-General, proposed to restore the Dzerzhinsky monument on Lubyanka. Kolesnikov's colleagues in the committee greeted the idea with applause.

Meanwhile the Orthodox believers said that they were "curled up" at this initiative.

"Dzerzhinsky is one of the symbols of Bolshevist Russophobia, when the words "Motherland", "Russian" were forbidden", the statement reads.

According to the Union of Orthodox citizens the appelas to return the "iron Felix" monument to Lubyanka appear also because the Russian secret services still didn't get its own heaven guardians, like many other branches of arms.

Therefore the Union proposed to declare St. Prince Alexander Nevsky the heaven guardian of FSB and to make his words: "The one who comes to us with the sword shall perish with the sword" - "the slogan of every security officer".

According to the Orthodox believers Archbishop of Shanghai and San Francisco John (Maximovich) should be the spirit guardian of Foreign Intelligence Service. Former hierarch of the Russian Orthodox Church Outside of Russia, he was canonized there in 1994. In the end of June the Bishop's Council of the Moscow Patriarchate adopted a decision of church celebration of Shanghai Holy Hierarch.

The authors of the statement also reminded that one of the forefathers of the Sanctifier baptized the Western Siberia, the other opposed the Polish ideas of contraposition Ukraine to Russia. And Archbishop John himself argued strongly against the disruption between Ukraine and Russia, "gathered up the Russian universe, from Shanghai to San Francisco, by his feat and his word" and revitalized the Orthodoxy on the West.

"Thanks to his mission the Americans converted to Orthodoxy, like famous Hieromonk Seraphim (Rose), became the Russian patriots and constructed "Holy Russia" in California. This activity in the context of the current political Russophobia in the West is all the more urgent", the statement says.