2008-11-05 13:41:00

Russian Orthodox Church welcomes Obama

Moscow, November 5, Interfax – The Russian Orthodox Church hopes Russia and the USA led by the newly elected President Barak Obama will manage to build honest and mutually respectful relations.

"I’d like to congratulate Barak Obama on his victory and express hope that our country and our Church will make a good dialogue with American administration and our approach to life - both of our country and the entire world – will be heard and enjoy the deserved attention," Deputy Head of the Moscow Patriarchate Department for External Church Relations Archpriest Vsevolod Chaplin said at a press conference in Moscow.

"I hope that new USA leadership will conduct a dialogue with nation of our country and other nations constituting the flock of the Russian Orthodox Church and will listen to their opinion," the priest went on to say.

He finds it joyful that the newly elected American President states he is a Christian believer and hopes that future Obama’s policy "will correspond to the traditional Christian values."