2009-01-21 11:13:00

Only 15% believe that Lenin stays in mausoleum by right, while two thirds of citizens suggest burying him - poll

Moscow, January 21, Interfax - Sociologists of the VTsIOM All-Russian Public Opinion Research Center says the number of Russians who are against burying Lenin's body is gradually decreasing.

30% of respondents asked in 2005 believed it necessary to leave the leaders' body in mausoleum in the country's main square, while in mid 2008 their number equaled to 25%, the VTsIOM research shows as it was conveyed to Interfax.

According to sociologists, two thirds of Russians stand for burying the body of world proletarian leader. 38% of them believe it should be done as soon as possible while 28% are sure it is better to wait when the generation who treasure the leader is gone.

The VTsIOM conducted the poll in 140 localities of 42 regions, districts and republics of Russia last November and found out that relative majority of respondents (41%) believed it incorrect and unnatural to keep Lenin's body on the Red Square. 15% oppose them saying "the body of our national leader remains in mausoleum in the country's central square by right," though three years ago 22% of respondents shared this opinion.