2009-02-04 10:36:00

Kazakh prosecutors seeking liquidation of so-called Scientology Church in Karaganda

Astana, February 4, Interfax - The Karaganda Special Inter-District Economic Court in Kazakhstan is hearing a suit by the prosecution authorities seeking the liquidation of the religious group called the Scientology Church of the City of Karaganda.

The prosecution authorities believe the scientologists' activity "runs counter to principles of national security of the Republic of Kazakhstan, as it is aimed at undermining Kazakh nation's health through inflicting harm on people's psychic and physical health," the Kazakh Prosecutor General's Office said in a statement posted on its website.

"The scientologists have been using elements of medical technologies amending people's conscience. This activity has been pursued by people having no medical education outside medical institutions," it said.

In addition, the scientologists' activity did not meet its charter provisions, it said.