2009-04-02 16:21:00

Russian mufti urges Muslims to keep from discussions of the length of Muslim trousers

Moscow, April 2, Interfax - Chairman of Russia's Mufti Council Ravil Gainutdin urged Muslims to study the classic works of Islamic law, rather than waste time on quasi-theological empty talk.

Speaking at a conference held on Thursday in Alma-Ata on Hanafi mashab, Gainutdin called the believers "by all means to stay away from any provocative talks and keep from wasting time on discussing the so-called problems, as to "what length of trousers and beards becomes to a true Muslim believer."

"How can such matters inspire the Muslim community today? How can such issues challenge today's world?" Mufti asks.

According to him, currently, when the Muslims "are exposed to an overtly negative atmosphere all over the world," they have to develop "a tolerant, mild and peacemaking Islamic school of law providing a new angle to our responsibility to the future generations of Muslims."