2009-04-06 15:30:00

Blown up monuments to Lenin is fight against Bolsheviks with their own losing ways, the Russian Church believes

Moscow, April 6, Interfax – Struggle against Communist symbols shouldn’t be extremist like blowing up monuments to Lenin, the Synodal Youth Department believes.

“To fight against Bolsheviks using their own means is to keep making their mistake. Do you remember black-and-white chronicle of the early last century? Blown-out churches, demolished monuments to tsars and renowned Russian people,” Deputy Chairman of the Youth Department of the Russian Orthodox Church Hieromonk Seraphim (Petrovsky) told Interfax-Religion.

According to him, “bold action with the monument reminds me of “acts” performed by revolutionary revenges from a Soviet film, though I don’t want to bring revenges back to our life and to bring up modern youth by their example.”

“Many people say that it is humanly comprehensible, but in fact it is a bright example of extremism, absolutely clear signal that something is not right at our home, as this fact uncovers very serious problems of our historical existence, deep processes, not always open to our understanding today. And tomorrow can be too late,” Fr. Seraphim said.