2009-04-09 13:14:00

Lenin's tomb may be relocated when new generations come - Kozhin

Moscow, April 9, Interfax - The tomb of Vladimir Lenin should not be relocated right now, head of the Kremlin property management department Vladimir Kozhin said in an interview published by the Thursday issue of the Tribuna daily.

"As you know, the blast of a Lenin monument in St. Petersburg several days ago resulted in protests. Just think what may happen if we try to move the Lenin tomb. Besides, why would we do that now?" he wondered.

Kozhin disagreed with the opinion of those who criticize authorities for holding "various events at the graveyard (Red Square)." The skating rink is located close to the GUM shopping mall, while concerts are held on Vasilyevsky Spusk, he said.

"Is that really necessary to incite the nation just for moving the skating rink away from graves? This may make sense when new generations come and the overwhelming majority of citizens regard this matter as history rather than a part of their life and a heartache," he said.