2009-04-10 15:52:00

Vandalism is not a way to settle disputes over monuments to Lenin, the Russian Church believes

Moscow, April 10, Interfax – The Russian Orthodox Church urges all participants in discussions over controversial historical monuments and communist symbols to be responsible.

“Illegal actions, acts of vandalism that sow divisions within our society will in no way help make worthy decisions on such questions,” the Moscow Patriarchate Church and Society Department stated in its address on blown up monument to Lenin in St. Petersburg conveyed to Interfax-Religion on Friday.

The Moscow Patriarchate reminds that questions of where and what monuments should be placed were historically settled in “different ways” and stresses that “today society has a right to make such a decision, especially when new historical evidence on actions of certain figures has become known.”

The address expresses hope that discussion on location of controversial monuments “will be carried out in a responsible manner and lead to decisions corresponding to historical truth, to culture of our people, to high moral principles.”