2009-05-05 11:24:00

Russian theologians should prevent the Church from isolating in ghetto – Patriarch Kirill

Moscow, May 5, Interfax – Patriarch Kirill of Moscow and All Russia urges to help revive Russian theology and turn it in “intellectual base for outlook” of our contemporaries.

“Time goes by, our believers and many people are facing new problems and we should give them a church, Orthodox answer, paving ways for church sermon and work, carrying out our mission in present day society and culture,” the Patriarch said at a plenary session of the Russian Church Synodal Theological Commission.

He reminds those who appeal to “shut off” from the world and save souls “in the caves” that the Church once “transformed old pagan culture” and today it “can’t reject its maximum task, which is to create, to build Christian culture and Christian society, to spiritually oppose tendencies of neo-paganism and secularism destructive for people.”

“However this task can’t be completed in ghetto, in self isolation, behind the walls of negating everything that doesn’t belong to our own subculture,” Patriarch Kirill said.