2009-05-19 15:25:00

Former Russian Health Minister becomes a priest

Moscow, May 19, Interfax - The former Health Minister of Russia Yury Shevchenko was ordained a priest: he conducts services in St. Nicolas Church at the National Medical and Surgery Center named after Pirogov.

Shevchenko, currently, Father Georgy, became a priest only about a month ago. "I received an external diploma at the seminary where I studied for two years," Life.ru quotes him as saying.

On July 5, 1999, one of the best heart surgeons in Russia Shevchenko was appointed Russian Health Minister by the Presidential Decree.

Fr. Georgy was born April 7, 1947 in Yakutsk. In 1974, he graduated from the Kirov Military Medical Academy and served as a surgeon in the army. In 1980, he became a member of the Academy. He was a senior professor of the hospital surgery division and the head of cardiovascular surgery division. On April 1992, he was appointed the Head of Military Medical Academy. He also served as the chief heart surgeon of Saint-Petersburg and the Leningrad Region.

He was a research adviser of 17 doctoral and 32 master's thesis. He published over 360 research works and teaching aids.

Shevchenko is awarder with the Oder for Healing and Mercy.

Fr. Georgy started his ministerial career by asking Patriarch Alexy II to consecrate the office building of the Health Ministry.