2009-07-27 17:58:00

Pigeons from all over Kiev flew to the Kiev Laura on the Caves

Kiev, July 27, Interfax - A day before Patriarch Kirill's arrival to the Kiev Laura on the Caves parishioners and clerics watched an unusual phenomenon: pigeons massively migrated to the holy place.

"I've never seen so many pigeons in the Laura. I saw most of them not far from the refectory church in the upper part of the Kiev Laura on the Caves," Ukrainian edition of the Komsomolskaya Pravda daily has cited a local seminarian as saying on Monday.

Pigeons flew to the Laura from all over the city, they sat down to cornices of the buildings restored especially for the visit of the Russian Church Primate.

Parishioners told they saw something similar this spring, though on a smaller scale, when relics of St. Spyridon were brought to Kiev from Greek island Kerkira.

"Just a few hours before the relics were brought in pigeons started flying around the Laura. It looked so impressive," Kiev resident Anna says. "And now the day before His Holiness came, birds are gathering again. I believe it's a good sign."

For Patriarch Kirill's visit, a square before the Laura's Elevation of the Cross Church was restored and the caves where relics lie were whitewashed. Besides, the chapel was renovated and restoration works in the Church of Our Lady, the Joy of All Who Sorrow, are almost completed.