2009-08-04 12:31:00

Ukrainian priest brings up more than two hundred children

Moscow, August 4, Interfax – Rector of the Ascension Monastery in the Ukrainian village of Molnitsa in the Chernigov Region Archpriest Mikhail Zhar educates 220 children, including seriously ill babies rejected by their mothers.

There was enough space in Fr. Mikhail’s passport only for the names of 32 children: they have his surname. Meanwhile, he is an official guardian of other infants. The priest named and baptized many of them.

Fr. Mikhail adopted the first baby seventeen years ago, when he was 27 and has three children of his own.

Boys and girls live in different houses. The third house is for seriously ill and HIV-infected children.

The orphanage exists on donations. They grow fruit and vegetables and have milk and meat of their own. Girls sew cloths and cook while boys help in construction works and in the vegetable garden.

Fr. Mikhail plans to finish the building of one more house for orphans, the Pervy Canal reports.