2009-08-13 17:08:00

The jury is established to consider the murder case of Jesuit priests in Moscow

Moscow, August 13, Interfax - The Moscow City Court established the jury to examine the murder case of two Jesuit priests in Moscow in October last year.

The trial on the merits of case is scheduled for August 17. The case will be considered in closed proceedings.

Mikhail Orekhov is charged with murder of two members of the Society of Jesus Otto Messmer and Viktor Betancourt.

"The investigation established that Orekhov's intent to kill Viktor Betancourt arose in a state of intoxication due to personal hostile relations when the victim tried to persuade him to commit a sexual act with him," press service of the Investigative Committee of the Russian Prosecutor's Office reported earlier to Interfax.

According to the investigation results, Orekhov hit the priest on the head with a dumb-bell no less than 11 times.

The investigation holds that Orekhov committed the second murder to conceal the first one: pastor Messmer returned from Germany to the apartment where Betancourt had been killed. "Orekhov referred himself to Messmer as the victim's friend, followed him to the room and then killed him in the same way," the report of Investigative Committee reads.