2009-10-26 13:28:00

Wahabis promise to burn down the house of the baby with Koran sayings on his skin

Moscow, October 26, Interfax - Wahabis have repeatedly threatened to burn down the house of Shamil and Madina Yakubovs from the Dagestan village of Krasnooktyabrskoye, after phrases from the Koran began appearing on the body of their nine-month-old son.

"They found it only unnatural that Allah showed his signs through a boy born in a family of a police officer! Wahabis consider us kafirun (the unbelievers - IF)," Magomed-Kadyr, the boy's grandfather said as quoted by Komsomolskaya Pravda daily on Monday.

According to him, their house was approached by a Gazel car in broad daylight, which brought a group of armed Wahabis. They demanded to show them the baby. Then they left threatening to come back. After that, Said Murtazaliyev, head of the district, provided them with a group of six security guards.

Ali's mother says that the last "message of Allah" appeared on the baby's body earlier that day. But when Wahabis were inspecting the baby, the saying disappeared to appear again after they left. The marks are said to disappear when an intoxicated neighbor dropped by and picked up the baby. The writings reappeared after he had left.

"We are not going to hide. There is no escape from your destiny," Ali's grandfather says.