2009-11-19 13:14:00

Patriarch warns against taking out words about God from anthem

Moscow, November 19, Interfax - Patriarch of Moscow and All Russia has spoken against the proposal to take the words about God out of the Russian national anthem.

"Kept safe by whom if not by God?" the Patriarch said in an interview with the program Natsionalny Interest (National Interest), commenting on the proposal made by State Duma deputy Boris Kashin (Communist Party faction) to replace the word "God" with the word "us" in the line "You are unique in the world! You alone are like this - Our dear land kept safe by God!" (the program will air on Rossiya TV on Saturday).

"We have kept it safe once, and that led to a lot of bloodshed. History has shown that sometimes we try to keep our land without submitting to a higher moral authority. It's a very dangerous historical philosophy. We will make the same mistake again," Patriarch Kirill said.

The Patriarch said he is hoping this initiative will not be supported.