2009-11-19 13:24:00

Ban on death penalty should be followed by ban on abortion Russian priest

Moscow, November 19, Interfax The famous Moscow priest has spoken in support of the Russian Constitutional Court's decision to ban the use of the death penalty in Russia.

"It would be madness to introduce the death penalty in Russia. To me the court decision was obvious and I was calm about it," Archpriest Dimitry Smirnov, the head of the Synodal Department for Relations with the Armed Forces and Law Enforcement Agencies, said Interfax on Thursday.

Recalling the Christian commandment "Do not kill," the priest said a person who has committed a grave crime and is serving his sentence in prison has a chance to repent.

"I'm also against abortion. It's when my fellow citizens are killed in their mothers' wombs with the taxpayers' money. It's the death penalty for no crime at all. It would be good if the Constitutional Court also abolished the death penalty for babies," Father Dimitry said.

It's one and the same problem. In the first case, people are killed as a result of judicial errors, and in the first case innocent people, future Suvorovs, Kutuzov, and Mendeleyevs get killed," he said.