2009-11-23 19:46:00

The funeral of the Priest Daniil Sysoyev passed in Moscow

Moscow, November 23, Interfax - This Monday Orthodox Moscow has said farewell to the Priest Daniil Sysoyev killed the last week in the Apostle Thomas church where he was a prior.

At Thursday night Father Daniil has been shot by the unknown person, got gunshot wounds in a head and breast.

This crime became one of the most impudent for the last time and has caused a great public resonance: there was no case for more than half a century since Stalin reprisals when representatives of the Orthodox clergy have been shot in the Russian capital.

For the last 19 years Father Daniil became the 25th Orthodox priest killed in Russia.

The burial service has taken place today in the Saint Peter and Paul church in Moscow. The Patriarch Kirill of Moscow and All Russia has also arrived to say farewell to the Priest Daniil. After the burial service the cleric was buried on the Kuntsevskoye cemetery in Moscow.

Within last days the body of Father Daniil was in the Apostle Thomas church where some thousand of believers have said farewell to him.

Father Daniil was known for his active missionary work, particularly among non-Orthodox, and also for his bright polemic performances. For the last years he repeatedly received threats from radicals. According to the investigation, the murder has been made on religious reasons.