2010-01-29 14:52:00

New Serbian Patriarch pointed out to hypocrisy of world community to Kosovo Serbs

Moscow, January 29, Interfax – Newly-elected Serbian Patriarch Irinej called position of Kosovo Serbs “the greatest tragedy of today’s world.”

In his interview to Serbian Vesti.Online website cited by Sedmitsa.ru, the Patriarch said that Serbs living in the district “are in the hardest position, hardest that ever existed there.”

“The tragedy is that powerful authorities know it, but pretend not to see or not to know. They sided with those who have expelled us from Kosovo and Metochia over hundred years. Many people, unable to oppose, had to run and Serbian population of the district is decreasing. Those, who want to come back, don’t have a chance to do it. Those, who live there in their houses and small estates, are not sure that they will come back alive, if they leave their houses,” Patriarch Irinej said.

Answering the questions, he further said division between Monte Negro and Serbia was “an absurd and unreasonable thing to do.”

“We are one nation, though we’ve renounced it more than once. Instead of closing up in this difficult time for the whole nation, it came to separation and nothing can justify it. Will they (Montenegrins – IF) understand it? I don’t know. Perhaps, some powerful people stand behind these events, may be they rule it all and it depends on them,” the Patriarch said.

He specially greeted Serbs residing outside of former Yugoslavia and urged them to protect their vernacular and cultural and religious traditions.

“I hope that our people will not lose its affiliation to the Orthodox Serbian Church of Saint Sava and will worthily witness to themselves, to their origin among people the Serbs are now living with,” the Primate said.