2005-06-20 13:12:00

A prayer wheel to replace a Lenin monument in the Kalmykian capital city

Elista, June 20, Interfax - A Buddhist prayer wheel, ‘kiurdy’, will be installed in the central square of the capital city of Kalmykia.

For those who cannot read the inscribed prayers due to a disability or illiteracy, as in the case with children, the turning of the praying wheel will be tantamount to saying prayers. The unique structure two meters high and three meters long has been made for the occasion at the Gyudmed Monastery, India, as a gift from Dalai Lama himself, Nezavisimaya gazeta has reported on Monday.

The huge wheel contains 10 million prayer scrolls weighting in total 800 kilogram. Despite its enormous size, the kyurdy can be turned even by a child, the newspaper notes.

In addition, Elista will host one of Buddha’s teeth, which will stay in the city for 49 years. This shrine of the Buddhist world will be kept at a European Center of Buddhism under intensive construction in the Kalmykian capital city today.