2010-03-26 16:56:00

Notorious journalist backs up the idea to take out word "God" from Russian anthem

Moscow, March 26, Interfax – Journalist-atheist Alexander Nikonov backed up the proposal of the Communist State Duma MP Boris Kashin to take out the word "God" from national anthem of Russia.

"Religion should be private and secular matter. It's absolutely impossible to promote private and intimate matters to state level," he told Interfax on Friday.

"The word "God" for us is a stone in the boot. It only makes walking harder. Any merger between the Church and state ends up bad as it was for instance in 1917," Nikonov said.

Earlier in November 2005, he applied to the Constitutional Court with an appeal to check if the Russian national anthem corresponded to the Basic law.

Some time earlier Nikonov in his article "Finish him off to ease sufferings!" in the SPID-INFO paper proposed to kill "weak minded" children right after their birth as according to him, "if moron is born to a family, it is a tragedy" and people give birth to children "for pleasure, but not for sufferings." He further wrote that "absolute majority of normal people surrender defective children to the state."

"Liquidation of a newly-born in its core does not differ from an abortion or the so-called artificial labor (super late term abortion) as in both cases we interrupt vital functions of a billet for the future personality, but not a self-identified human person. And what if a billet is defective…" the journalist summed up.