2010-03-30 17:13:00

Future "shahid" women in Caucasus are raped to be recruited criminalist

Moscow, March 30, Interfax Militants in the North Caucasus have recently changed the way of recruiting suicide bombers.

"As far as I know, now it is done more cynically - a woman is just raped. After it, she becomes a social outcast, she is despised. Then they suggest her the only way to return respect to become a warrior of Allah," criminal psychiatrist Mikhail Vinogradov was cited by the Metro paper as saying.

According to him, usually they do not refuse as "there are no other options." Then "very serious ideological indoctrination and drugs" are applied and women "are zombied."

"Those women who have chosen the "shahid" way can't give it up. It is based on religious and national specifics of the region. They have absolutely different understanding of family, sex, duty and faith," the expert said.

He also pointed out that no Slavic suicide bomber had been known so far.

"They became snipers, mine layers, anything else, but never put on a "shahid belt." While for a Muslim woman under certain conditions it is the only possible way," Vinogradov said.