2010-04-02 13:47:00

Group of Protestants will adopt Ortodoxy on the Holy Saturday

Kaliningrad, April 2, Interfax - A group of former Protestants will be baptized on the eve of Easter in St. Andrew Church of Kaliningrad.

Young men and women started visiting an Ortodox church several months ago. In the past, they had one trouble - drug addiction and they tried to get rid of it in the Transfiguration of Russia Protestant charitable organization, Kaliningrad edition of the Komsomolskaya Pravda daily has reported on Thursday.

However, now former Protestants want to adopt Christian faith.

"In the past, people seeked for cure in sects as there were few Ortodox communities capable to effectively solve problems of such people. However, time proved that even richest sects have got neither experience nor authority to help them.