2010-04-14 15:05:00

Finnish prosecutor demands punishment for a pastor who has criticized an anti-Russian organization

Helsinki, April 14, Interfax - Prosecutor of Mikkeli, a Finnish city, Ari Liikanen demanded to punish Juha Molari, Lutheran pastor, for "behavior unbecoming to a priest".

"Unbecoming behavior involved Molari's criticism expressed in his speeches and blog aimed at the anti-Russian organization Pro Karelia which demands to review the postwar borders and return the territory of Karelia to Finland," told the Chairman of the Antifascist Committee of Finland, associate professor of Helsinki University Johan Backman to Interfax on Wednesday.

According to him, Juha Molari also vigorously opposed the public show of an "openly anti-Russian film Soviet Stori organized by Pro Karelia."

Backman emphasized that the "activity of Pro Karelia contradicts the official position of Finland, and Molari had a full right to criticize it."

Despite this, Mikkeli's prosecutor demanded to issue a written warning to the priest.

Last week, it was reported the Finnish police has instituted criminal proceedings upon application of Juha Molari against Mikael Sturshe, sponsor and administrator of Kavkaz-Center, a website of Chechen militants.