2010-04-23 12:12:00

Interreligious Council of Russia believes it dangerous that some officials destroy families under pretence of caring for children

Moscow, April 23, Interfax The Interreligious Council of Russia spoke against rude interference of juvenile courts and officials in inner life of Russian families under pretence of protecting children's rights.

"We consider dangerous any measures that will make officials interfere in inner life of a family, its world outlook and life style, in blood relationship between parents and children," the Interreligious Council's Presidium said in its statement adopted at its last session chaired by Patriarch Kirill of Moscow and All Russia in Moscow.

The Council points out to the cases when families in Russia and in the world were destroyed "under pretence of child care using indistinct criteria, for example, "low level of development," "improper education" or "financial hardships" and finally "children suffered profound psychological traumas and their traces will influence their entire lives."

"Our religions not only have experience of bringing up children in families of morally strong believers, but also have a complex of centuries-tested measures that can prevent and heal conflicts in families," the Council said in its statement.