2010-06-25 17:56:00

A Siberian pilgrim goes on foot to Jerusalem

Irkutsk, June 25, Interfax Irkutsk pensioner Vladimir Bragintsev is walking from Irkutsk to the holy shrines of Jerusalem as he decided to carry out a pilgrimage on foot.

"I'm a believer, so I made up mind to go on a pilgrimage on foot," the traveler is cited as saying on Friday by the Krasnoyarsk issue of the Komsomolskaya Pravda daily.

Before setting off to faraway shrines Vladimir trained at home and went on foot from Vladivostok to Irkutsk.

The traveler has already planned his further route: from Krasnoyarsk he will march to Novosibirsk, then to Kazakhstan, Kalmykia, the Rostov Region, Ukraine, Romania, Bulgaria, Greece and then make a voyage to Cyprus and finally Israel.

The pilgrim wants to kneel down before the Holy Sepulchre in Jerusalem and then take a plane to Murmansk, visit Solovki, New Athos Monastery and then to march back home.