2010-06-28 14:04:00

Primorsky Kray "avengers" gang likely to be connected with Wahabis

Moscow, June 28, Interfax Members of the gang earlier neutralized in Primorsky Kray can be under Wahabi influence.

Discs with Chechen militants' speeches, collective photos of armed people headed by now killed ideologist of North Caucasus Wahabis Said Buryatsky were confiscated from them, the Komsomolskaya Pravda daily reported.

Besides, there is a video showing all gang members rushing in a car, they raise their fingers shouting "Allah Akbar!"

Almost all Primorsky Kray police were attracted to a special operation on liquidation of armed criminals who attacked police officers in late May early June.

On June 11, four members of the gangs were blocked in a downtown house in Ussuriysk. The building was besieged, the criminals were demanded to surrender. Two of them shoot themselves dead, others surrendered voluntarily. Two others were detained earlier.

Two police officers were injured during the operation. A Kalashnikov rifle, two hunting rifles and two pistols were confiscated at the site. Totally there are two killed and six injured police officers on their criminal record.