2010-07-23 12:49:00

Patriarch Kirill condemns artists whose art inflicts sufferings on others

Odessa (Ukraine), July 23, Interfax - Patriarch Kirill of Moscow and All Russia believes that "seamy side" in certain artists' works which insults other people's feelings has demonic character.

"When here (in works of such artists - IF) you see not harmony, but ugliness aimed at exasperation of people, it destroys human society," Patriarch Kirill said at his meeting with public figures in the Odessa Opera and Ballet Theatre.

According to him, "when an artist plays dirty tricks and slops this dirt and filth out of him, he infects other people." The Patriarch noted that similar to doctors in hospitals wearing medical masks not to be infected the "society should take care to stop the infection from spreading."

Patriarch Kirill does not understand "why if it refers to art, we should back it up or accept, why it's banned to protest against it."

According to him, blasphemous artistic actions "are not toys" today when the "world is very fragile," dialogue between religions and nationalities is sometimes difficult to hold, and such actions "provoke aggression, deteriorate spiritual and moral climate in the society."

"I am categorically against it. I condemn these artists, I can't even call them artists. They don't have love to people, they make a product that inflicts sufferings on others," Patriarch Kirill said.

According to him, such creative work "is not from God, but from the devil".