2010-09-07 10:01:00

Russian people to decide on Lenin's burial in due time - Putin

Sochi, September 7, Interfax - Prime Minister Vladimir Putin said the Russian people will decide on whether or not Soviet Union founder Vladimir Lenin's body should be removed from a mausoleum in Moscow's Red Square and buried.

"Things must be done in their proper time. There comes a time when the Russian people make up their minds what to do about this," Putin told participants in the Valdai International Discussion Club in Sochi.

"History is something that does not involve haste," he said.

Lenin's embalmed body has been on display in a mausoleum in Red Square since his death in 1924.

The father of the Bolshevik Revolution's continuing presence in the heart of Moscow has been an ongoing source of controversy since the break up of the Soviet Union.

An opinion poll has shown that about two thirds of Russians believe that Lenin's corpse should be buried.

Demands to transfer the Bolshevik leader's body to a regular cemetery have consistently been countered by Russian communists, who insist that the tomb on Red Square remain his final resting place.