2010-09-24 13:21:00

Fearsome witch is among candidates for Sochi Olympic mascot

Moscow, September 24, Interfax - Russians most often suggests munchkins, bears and birds for Sochi Olympic mascot, press-service of Sochi 2014 Organization Committee reported.

There are over 3260 works posted by the contest website. 355 drawings show munchkins, 253 - bears, 245 - birds and 167 - dolphins.

Other popular ideas are rabbits, cats, snowmen and other snow personages: snow balls, snowflakes, pieces of ice and among animals are dogs, foxes, wolves, horses, squirrels, mice, frogs, penguins, octopuses, sea pinnipeds, elephants and mammoths.

Fairytales personages who pretend for Olympic and para-Olympic amulet include Father Frost, Snow Maiden, Russian dragon Zmey Gorynych, fearsome witch Baba Yaga and a funny little creature Cheburashka.

Woks for the contest are accepted until December 5 and winners will be chosen by people's vote on February 7 on air of a federal TV channel.