2010-11-03 17:03:00

Patriarch Kirill appreciates Chernomyrdin's contribution to Russia's survival in 1990s crisis

*** He did proper things at the proper time

Moscow, November 3, Interfax - Patriarch Kirill of Moscow and All Russia appreciated a great contribution by Victor Chernomyrdin, Russian Ex-Premier, to the fact that Russia had survived the 1990s cataclysms.

"Victor Stepanovich Chernomyrdin became a top policymaker during the most challenging period for Russia, when the question of the country's fate was decided," the Patriarch said Wednesday in a conversation with journalists.

He remembered that he had first met Chernomyrdin in the dramatic days of the "blood-stained 1993".

"Due to my position, I maintained a direct contact with authorities and other political parties of the then Russia and tried to do my best to prevent the civil conflict," the Primate continued. "I saw that Victor Stepanovich took Russia's tragedy close to his heart. The country had no money, its life support systems had collapsed, and it was extremely difficult to govern the Russian economy in such environment."

People assess Chernomyrdin's efforts in different ways, but "Russia's survival in the 1990s cataclysm is his greatest achievement," the Patriarch added.

According to him, Chernomyrdin was both a patriot and an open man easily communicating with people who did not share his views in his unique language. "This specific language alone has put him down in classic history of our everyday culture," Patriarch Kirill said.

"All people are replaceable, and God often sends us those who meet the imperatives of time. I believe, new time needs people with different attitudes, and Chernomyrdin's historical role is doing proper things at the proper times," the Patriarch concluded.