2010-11-24 13:05:00

Only Russia can save Europe from Islamisation, Zhirinovsky believes

Moscow, November 24, Interfax - The leader of the Liberal Democratic Party Vladimir Zhirinovsky believes Russia can help Western countries to meet the challenge of Islamisation.

"If the threat of Africa, Asia and Islamisation aggravates, only Russia will be able to save those countries, and this is going to be still another "Suvorov's march" crossing the Alps, but not by the soldiers and the army, but by some joint projects aimed at restraining Europe's conquest by the Asians and the Africans," he said in a TV show Main Subject (3rd Channel).

According to Zhirinovsky, Arabs will soon account for the majority of Paris population. He also emphasized the challenges of assimilating Turks in Germany and Albanians and Kurds in Europe.

A well-known writer Yelena Chudinova, speaking of tolerance, said "virtue without reason is a sin" and "tolerance has long been a sin."

"All our tolerance has been a one-way street. If the situation were different, there would be a dialog. As any reasonable person, I would prefer a dialog, but our tolerance has been viewed as our weakness, and this is where the two mentalities clash," she said.

Head of the Permanent Mission of Russia to NATO Dmitry Rogozin said "tolerance will kill" the Western countries.

"We are not turning a blind eye on these problems, that is, when we see any evil or naked aggression, we are not blinking at it. But they are trying to be unaware, that is, not trying to assimilate or make these new developments their own and digest them," Rogozin said.