2010-11-24 17:29:00

Russian Father Frost expects to celebrate Christmas in London

Moscow, November 24, Interfax - Chief Russian Father Frost (Santa Claus) plans to visit Moscow together with his Snow Maiden in late December and expects to celebrate Orthodox Christmas in London attending the Russian Winter festival.

At a press conference held Wednesday in Moscow, Santa Claus said he would celebrate the New Year party at work, and his pre-holiday trip had already started.

"I travelled across Russian cities and plan to visit Germany, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, and France. I'm going to meet all of my friends - young and elderly people and those in power. I will celebrate the New Year at work, I don't yet know, where," Santa Claus said.

According to him, the New Year is celebrated 36 times. "I fly around the world several times. My friends are waiting for me in Russia, Israel and the USA. I also have to visit Australia," he said.

He plans to celebrate Catholic Christmas in Latvia and Lithuania, and expects to celebrate Russian Orthodox Christmas at Trafalgar Square, London, where the Russian Winter festival will be held.