2010-12-07 10:01:00

Russia has more freedom of speech than the USA, graduate of Russian Theological seminary in the States believes

Moscow, December 7, Interfax - Hieromonk Makary (Markish), lecturer of the Ivanovo-Voznesensk seminary, who worked as a programmer in the USA and graduated from the ROCOR Holy Trinity seminary believes that Russian citizens have more freedom of self-expression than Americans.

"Those who remember Soviet rule should lose their tongue, if they start speaking about lacking freedom of self-expression. I lived in the USA and here in Russia freedom of expression is much higher than in the States though they have 200 year old democratic tradition," Father Makary said in his interview with Interfax-Religion.

According to him, "the fact that anyone can post whatever he or she wants in Internet" proves it.

Speaking about the conflict around cutting down Khimki Forest, the priest said that "there are many such conflicts" in the USA and such conflicts are not harmful as thus "people learn to defend their interests, they become more active, informed, educated, form groups of opposition."

"The example of the Khimki Forest revealed our childish inexperience, naivety in settling the conflict in a normal democratic society," Fr. Makary said.

He is convinced that "Russia is a nation that should exist independently" and has global spiritual task. Thus, the priest believes, "we should survive as a nation."