2011-01-20 17:53:00

United Russia MP considers concerts on Vasilyevsky Slope satanic

Moscow, January 20, Interfax - State Duma MP (United Russia faction) Vladimir Medinsky says Lenin's body should be removed from the Mausoleum.

"Lenin is an extremely disputable figure and his presence as the central figure of the necropolis in the heart of our country is an absurdity," Medinsky was quoted as saying by the United Russia official website.

According to him, removal of Lenin's body from the Mausoleum should be constantly raised.

"We carry out a kind of absurd, pagan, necrophilic mission on Red Square. There's no Lenin's body there, experts know that only about ten per cent of his body remained, all the rest is disemboweled and changed. But the most important is not the body, but the spirit," Medinsky said.

He said that rock concerts on Vasilyevsky Slope insult many people, "but we don't even think that there is double blasphemy as concerts take place in the cemetery." "It a kind of Satanism. And we walk on the tombs," the MP said.