2011-01-24 13:37:00

Muslims suggest transferring Lenin's body to Communist Party's balance

Moscow, January 24, Interfax Head of the executive committee of the Russian Association of Islamic Accord (All-Russian Muslim Board) Muhammedgali Huzin doubts whether it is necessary to bury Lenin's body and suggests that the Communist Party financially supports its preservation.

"Discussion on removing Lenin's body from the mausoleum has lately become more pronounced. Today this question is hardly can be called top priority. However, we can say that removing Lenin's body will hardly contribute in consolidating the society," Huzin told an Interfax-Religion correspondent on Monday.

At the same time, according to the mufti, "faithful Muslims can't feel sympathy to the militant atheist Lenin and have been long outraged with the fact that to support his "pseudolife" much budget money is spent.

"If Lenin is a Communist idol then won't it be right to transfer him to the Communist Party balance? We suppose that Communists could have collected money for a new Lenin museum, where they would show their mummified leader for observation and veneration following certain pagan traditions," Huzin offers.

He is convinced that every man both a believer and the "so-called" atheist understands: "whatever a person does during his life, whether he deserves praises or insults and no matter how people try to immortalize his deeds, his body should be committed to earth."