2011-02-03 17:10:00

Role of Islamists in Egyptian disorders is rather modest - expert

Moscow, February 3, Interfax - President of Institute of Religion and Policy, member of the Council on Interaction with Religious Associations at the Russian President Islamologist Alexander Ignatenko is convinced that role of Islamist groups is not big and now they are waiting in expectation.

"As to Islamists, they have always been active in Egypt, but they are not playing a leading part in this revolution, here are different moving forces, different infantry. However, they are waiting in expectation as they have rich political experience," he said in his interview with Interfax-Religion.

According to the expert, the reason for this expectation is that any political group that will come to power in Egypt will have to deal with a complex of problems, "very difficult, very old that have recently have become more acute, and they won't be able to settle all these problems".

The Islamologist characterizes Egypt developments as revolution "two in one": "on the one hand, it is a revolt of people who have been oppressed by gerontocratic corruption regimen, but on the other hand, it is so called "color revolution" that tries to use this people's impulse to redistribute power and property among elite groups of Egypt".

Speaking about the country's future, Ignatenko says he believes Islam and democracy are incompatible things: "Islam or democracy" and Egypt "will have such a regimen where the leading role is given to the army and Special Forces."

The expert also pointed out to Pakistani experience, where military dictator Musharraf was thrown down and changed, "not without US pressure, to "democratic government."

"Such replacements of state heads can lead to a negative result, when radical Islamist elements can try to seize power," he said.

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