2011-02-09 14:51:00

Islamologist believes Turkey will face Islamic revolution

Moscow, February 9, Interfax - Head of Islam Studies Sector at the Orientalist Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences, member of the scientific council of the Carnegie Center in Moscow Alexey Malashenko believes that Turkey will inevitably face an Islamic revolution.

"Turkey is not allowed to Europe, islamisation grows and we'll see a variant of Iranian revolution," he said in his interview with the Izvestia paper published on Wednesday.

The expert found it difficult to say when it is going to happen. "You still can spend your holidays there," he told Russian tourists though he specified that he packed his bags for Italy.

The Islamologist believes Lybia is the next after Egypt candidate for revolution.

"My intuition tells me it's going to be Lybia. Poverty, wild tribes and boring Qaddafi," he explained his position.

Malashenko is sure that mass disorders in Islamic states "with modern means of communication and Middle-aged living standards" were inevitable.

"Today there is no stable Islamic state, though it seemed the region is quiet," he said.