2011-02-16 12:23:00

Orientologists believe Muslim Brothers possible to come to power in Egypt

Moscow, February 16, Interfax - Orientologist Rakhamim Emanuilov and political expert Andrey Yashlavsky believe it possible that Muslim Brothers can win power in Egypt.

"Now when Mubarak is gone it is quite possible that Muslim Brothers can come to power," they write in their article published on Wednesday by the Moskovsky Komsomolets daily.

However, the authors believe, "it doesn't surely mean a catastrophe for Egypt as many use to think" because Brothers have potential to become quite a moderate movement capable of leading the country out of the crisis.

"Though there are many options. For example, it can be an Algerian scenario when the army pushes Islamists aside from power and leads the country to dictatorship or civil war," experts suppose.

They believe "mild" Turkish-type variant is also possible "when moderate Islamists stay in power, but do not infringe on secular character of the state, but "even under this scenario in case al-Ikhwan al-Muslimin (Muslim Brothers - IF) seize power there is no guarantee that Egypt will manage to preserve such fragile peace with Israel."

The authors don't exclude Iranian way "with Islamic revolution and theocracy."

"Certainly history does not repeat in details. Sunnite Egypt is not Shiite Iran. But it is not by chance that Iranian state officials attentively watch the Egypt events and urge the West not to interfere in Egyptian affairs," the Orientologists write supposing that "adepts of Western democracy will hardly manage to stay at the Egyptian political Olympus."

The authors also point out to the interesting, on their opinion, fact: the Russian Supreme Court included Muslim Brothers in federal list of organizations considered terrorist, and Brothers are banned to work in Russia.

"It is interesting how Russian-Egyptian dialogue will develop if Brothers win in Egypt," Orientologists wonder.