2011-02-21 15:25:00

Waves of protest in the Arab world shall not reach Azerbaijan, head of the Caucasus Muslims believes

Baku, February 21, Interfax - Head of the Muslims of the Caucuses, Allahshukur Pasha-zade, rules out possibility of any disruption in Azerbaijan spurred by ongoing protests in the Arab countries.

"Some forces would not mind to make adjustments in the situation in Azerbaijan, but this country is stable and faces no such resentment as the world has seen in Tunis and Egypt," Pasha-zade said at a meeting with the French ambassador in Baku Gabriel Keller answering the guest's question.

As quoted by Pasha-zade's press service, he believes that the events in Egypt "were quite foreseeable."

"I visited the country many times and saw how low people's living standards are there. Many homeless live even in the cemeteries," recalled Pasha-zade.

Pasha-zade said Hosni Mubarak's resignation is quite "predictable, as well as Gorbachev's resignation was at his time."