2011-03-14 10:15:00

Mideast opposition not planning to introduce Sharia laws - Lavrov

Moscow, March 14, Interfax - Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov has said that Islamists are unlikely to come to power as a result of revolutions in a number of Middle Eastern countries.

"I would not dramatize the situation: the experience shows that Islam and democracy are quite compatible," he said on the Channel 3 television.

"The driving forces of the events both in Libya and in Egypt were mainly educated young people. The current opposition slogans consist in the change of power, in the succession of power based on democratic principles and not the introduction of the Sharia laws," Lavrov added.

He also said he was not inclined to liken the current events in the Middle East and North Africa to the "color revolutions" in the former Soviet republics.

"The domestic factor played a bigger role in the Middle East than in the post-Soviet territories," the minister said.