2011-03-23 14:52:00

Head of Mufti Council backs up military operation against Gaddafi

Moscow, March 23, Interfax - Head of the Russian Council of Muftis Ravil Gainutdin approved of military operation of Western countries against Libya, however he believes if the conflict is prolonged, it can result in promotion of radical Islamic movements in the region.

"UN resolution (authorizing a no-fly zone over Libya - IF) meets interests of Islamic world," Gainutdin said at a press conference in Interfax central office in Moscow.

"If someone rules the country over 30 years and doesn't set up any social or other benefits, then it's natural that people go on the streets to make democratic, economic and political changes," the mufti said.

At the same time he reminded that previous military operations of the USA and their allies in Iran and Afghanistan had not resulted in any visible success. "Striving to change situation in Libya can also take longer time and make a serious blow to ordinary people," Gainutdin said.

He is concerned that allies of acting Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi in case he is deposed can continue military struggle and join radical Islamic movements.

"They consider actions of the USA and their allies a "crusade," an attack of Western world against spiritual and moral values of Libyan society," the mufti said.

In early hours on March 18, UN Security Council adopted a resolution authorizing a no-fly zone over Libya. Ten out of fifteen Council members voted for the resolution, five members abstain from voting, including Russia. India, China and Germany.

Odyssey Dawn operation against Libyan regime started on March 19. Military forces of the USA, Great Britain, Canada, France, Italy and Belgium participate in it. Denmark, Norway, Spain, Belgium, the United Arab Emirates and Qatar have provided their planes for the operation.