2011-03-25 14:11:00

Netanyahu fears radical Islamic regimes in Mideast, North Africa

Moscow, March 25, Interfax - Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu fears the appearance in the Middle East and North Africa of radical Islamic regimes that could be a threat to global stability.

Meeting Russian President Dmitry Medvedev in Moscow on Thursday, the Israeli premier invited him to discuss ways of bolstering peace in the Middle East.

There is a danger that radical Islamic regimes may emerge, posing a threat to the entire world, Netanyahu said.

He pointed to Iran which he said was issuing threats, seeking to obtain a nuclear bomb and torpedoing efforts aimed at reaching peace accords.

He praised the role of Russian pilots in battling wildfires in northern Israel but added that it was time to extinguish several more fires because no one knows what consequences the latest developments in the Middle East and in the Muslim world in general might have.

Israel and Russia are both interested in stable and progressive governments in the Islamic world, Netanyahu said.