2011-04-05 16:33:00

Ukrainians transferred Japan icon of Chernobyl Savior

Kiev, April 5, Interfax - Donetsk department of Soyuz Chernobyl of Ukraine transferred Japan the icon of Chernobyl Savior.

The ceremony was held in national opera and ballet theatre. Department head Evgeny Struzhko handed over the holy image to the director of the ballet school Terada Ballet Art School Michiko Terada, the Ukrainian Orthodox Church reported on its website.

When the Chernobyl power station broke down, Terada came to Ukraine with ballet show not fearing the consequences of the tragedy.

"Today we would like to be with suffering Japanese people who are living through the tragedy - it is very close to us. So we want to transfer the shrine to an Orthodox Japanese church," Struzhko said.

Christ, the Mother of God, Archangel Michael and liquidators of the Chernobyl catastrophe are depicted on the icon.