2011-04-15 17:24:00

All-Russian Muslim Board: featuring crescent moon on Russian emblem is fraught with increased xenophobia

Moscow, April 15, Interfax - Head of the All-Russian Muslim Board Muhammedgali Huzin said that adding the Muslim crescent moon symbol to Russia's national emblem is a dangerous idea.

This idea was earlier expressed in mass media by head of the Central Spiritual Muslim Board of Russia Talgat Tajuddin.

"There are certain heraldic standards and historic facts. Blending the symbols of two religions on the state emblem will give faultfinders a chance to accuse traditional and original Orthodoxy and traditional and enlightened Islam of ecumenism," Huzin told Interfax-Religion Friday.

According to him, the "historic and objective notion of "Orthodox majority" should be treated with respect." "Indeed, Orthodox believers in Syria do not demand to feature their religious symbols on the state emblem, although Syria has the Orthodox Patriarchate," Mufti Huzin said to confirm his idea.

He believes the state emblem with such a well-established design presents no threat to inter-religious peace although "continuous manipulation of this matter regardless of aims, objectives or forms may instigate xenophobia."

Moreover, mufti said, today "when the world's map is changing overnight - and not for the better - it is better not to throw stones and make waves as it may cause serious consequences."