2011-05-11 16:08:00

Russian bishop: America has problems with democracy

Saratov, May 11, Interfax - Head of Patriarchal Dioceses in the USA Archbishop Justinian of Narofominsk believes the USA still has to work hard on its democracy.

"Economic living standards in the US are much higher than those in Russia. Our situation is aggravated by poverty and sometimes unbearable living conditions in the country's regions. At the same time, I wouldn't regard the situation in the United States as ideal," Archbishop Justinian said in an interview published by the Pravoslaviye i Sovremennost (Orthodoxy and Modern Times) magazine of the Saratov Diocese.

According to him, several thousand strong demonstrations may be held in America where people freely express their opinions and protests but "they often receive no response from the Government: "Do you want to speak out? You are welcome, this is America, and we have democracy. But the authorities will continue to pursue their own government policy."

"It is only evident. There are problems here just as in any other state, including problems with relations of nationalities," Archbishop Justinian said.

However, he believes that a true democracy or "to put it better, a true freedom of which we sometimes dream is unfeasible on Earth," as "a true freedom may be only in Christ."