2011-05-26 15:09:00

No tourist dress code to be introduced in Egypt

Moscow, May 26, Interfax - Resorts in Egypt do not intend to introduce any tourist dress codes, Ismail Hamid, Tourism Attache of Egypt in Russia, said.

According to him, the reports in some Russian media about the citizens of Hurghada, a popular tourist resort, who come out for introducing dress codes for foreign women are not true.

"The media have distributed the news, however, there must be some mistake. This may refer to some private opinion, rather than to any kind of official decision or initiative. Nothing has changed in the resorts which today receive thousands of Russian tourists," Hamid told Interfax Thursday.

The Ministry of Tourism of Egypt will soon deliver official comments on this situation, he added.

The poll shows that 62 percent of Egypt citizens support the laws which directly reflect the provisions of Koran, and 27 percent thinks that the laws should in many ways comply with the religious norms.

The initiative to regulate tourists' appearance first emerged in Egypt as the reaction to the acts of French government authorities which banned wearing hijab. Since then, such attitudes of the activist Islamism followers only enhanced and the recent revolution overthrowing Hosni Mubarak only boosted their chances to acquire a legal status, the newspaper reports.