2011-07-08 12:30:00

Krasnoyarsk archbishop announces war to striptease clubs

Moscow, July 8, Interfax - Archbishop Antony of Krasnoyarsk and Achinsk urges local authorities to "ban or significantly restrict" outdoor advertisement with erotic elements.

In his address to the Public Council at the Chief Directorate of Internal Affairs the Archbishop asked its members to initiate a corresponding draft "to authoritative bodies of the city," the Nezavisimaya Gazeta writes on Friday.

The Archbishop is outraged with ad production with erotic elements and some programs broadcasted by local TV companies, especially Stripdancers Battle show. Explaining his initiative he refers to public opinion that oppose dominance of erotic in public space and experience of certain European countries that restricted legislation on advertising erotic establishments.

"It is necessary to take urgent measures against promoting striptease in our country, against corresponding advertisement and propaganda, against unscrupulous businessmen whose activity contradicts to generally accepted moral and spiritual principles in order to protect health of Krasnoyarsk residents from suffocating smog of sexual immorality," the hierarch's message reads.