2011-07-28 11:54:00

Arab world doesn't go to new stage of development with Islamic flags, Primakov believes

Moscow, June 28, Interfax - Russia's ex prime-minister and academician Evgeny Primakov believes that Arab countries do not develop in Islamic direction and revolutionaries in spring 2011 had demands of secular character.

"Arab world transfers to a new stage of its development - and most experts share this opinion - and it happens not with Islamic flags and is not caused by intercivilizational contradictions," the academician writes in his article published by Rossiyskaya Gazeta.

In spite of the fact that "antiregimen forces in various Arab countries differ from each other," "none of these demonstrators were headed by Islamic extremists, there were no demands to refuse secular character of the state and introduce Sharia principles in judicial practice and public life," Primakov said.

"It should be said that demands declared at the Cairo Tahrir Square and in other Arab countries and cities did not have religious character hostile to other civilizations, they were of universal character - honest elections, freedom of speech, freedom of word and demonstrations, giving up authoritarianism that introduces corruption in all layers of social and economic life," he said.

Primakov is also convinced that "Arab spring" cannot but influence Islamic organizations creating serious impulse to their differentiation and making mild wing stronger." Thus, the academician believes that Egyptian events pushed "Muslim Brothers" to constitutional-political actions.

Revolutionary revolts called "Arab spring" seized Tunisia, Egypt, Yemen, Bahrain, Syria and some other Arabian countries in early 2011. However, according to the expert, these serial revolutions only witness to incompetence of civilizations clash theory as the main contradiction in the modern world.