2011-08-29 10:25:00

Kremlin's Africa envoy alarmed by Nigerian islamists` influence on volatile Arab states

Moscow, August 29, Interfax - The Kremlin's Africa envoy Mikhail Margelov said the Nigerian terrorists' contacts with Al-Qaeda and their role in the events in the Middle East could lead to the formation of a terrorist front in the volatile Arab states.

A wave of bloody terror attacks is rolling across Nigeria, Margelov told Interfax. "In fact, the Islamists have declared a war on the state and society. The outcome of the elections, from which Goodluck Jonathan, a Christian, emerged victorious, was the pretext for unleashing it," he said.

"Nigerian killers' contacts with Al-Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb and with Somali terrorists from the Al-Shabab grouping arouse special concern," he said.

"These contacts "may lead to the formation of a terrorist front south of the turmoil-stricken Arab states," Margelov said.

Responsibility for the terror attacks in Nigeria are claimed by extremists, campaigning for the establishment of Shariah law in that country and for a ban on Western education, he added.

These groupings attacked the UN office in the capital of Nigeria a few days ago, killing 18 people and wounding dozens, Margelov said.

The situation becomes even more dangerous, given that Nigerian militants and Islamists "are involved in the 'Arab Spring' one way or another," he said, adding that "the Nigerian terrorists are influencing not only stability on the oil markets, but also the situation in the Arab countries going through revolutions."